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Welcome to 5150 Leagues, the ultimate platform for iRacing Leagues! Our website is dedicated to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for league administrators and their drivers.

With 5150 Leagues, you can register your league and create customized series, seasons, and races. Our powerful management tools enable you to easily manage your drivers and track their progress with detailed driver reports.

We understand that every league has its own unique rules and scoring systems. That's why we offer the flexibility to upload, edit, and delete races, as well as assign bonus, penalty, and chase points for each race. Additionally, our platform allows for easy upload of race results, ensuring your league standings are always up to date and accurate.

Join our community of iRacing Leagues and take advantage of our comprehensive tools and resources to elevate your league to the next level. Register today and start building your racing legacy!

**Introducing The Eye, a premium bot within 5150 that allows the system to directly communicate with your drivers and league via Discord using Webhooks.

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About Us

5150 Leagues was established in 2024 by the 5150 Racing League. Originally created in 2020 by a group of friends, 5150 Racing League aimed to foster a fun, competitive, and fair racing environment.

Initially, 5150 Racing League utilized SimRacerHub for race data collection and scorekeeping. However, as the league grew, it became evident that SimRacerHub could no longer meet their needs. In response, NinetyPear, the owner of 5150, developed a custom scorekeeping and race data collection website tailored to the league's requirements.

Other leagues quickly noticed the effectiveness of 5150's new system and expressed interest in using it. This led to the creation of a global iRacing league scoring site.

5150 Racing League was founded on the iRacing platform and has been thriving ever since. The league has grown to over 100 drivers and has been featured multiple times on the iRacing platform, earning recognition as one of the top leagues in the community.

Why Choose 5150 Leagues

At 5150 Leagues, we cut through the noise. While our competitors offer similar services for free, they rely on unreliable revenue sources like donations, ads, and sponsorships. These can dry up at any time, leaving their users in the lurch. We’re different. Here’s why:

Sustainable Model: Nothing is truly free. Storing data for each series, season, race, and lap costs money. Over time, these costs add up, making it unsustainable for free services to maintain their operations without sacrificing quality or shutting down.

Reliable Revenue: We don't depend on donations or ads. Our subscription plans are straightforward and ensure we can continue providing top-tier services. Our model avoids influence from external groups, keeping the focus on what matters: building a strong community and effective league management.

Subscription Plans -
Free Membership: Perfect for leagues on a tight budget. Includes 1 League, 1 Series, Unlimited Seasons, and Unlimited Races with essential features.

Paid Plans: For those who need more, our tiered subscription plans offer advanced features and greater flexibility, ensuring you get the best experience without hidden costs or compromises.

Unique Features - Our platform offers:
Create One Schedule Instead of Two: Using our service, you’ll only have to create your season’s schedule once on iRacing UI. Once it’s created, you can select and pull the schedule directly from iRacing. No more wasting time on double schedule creation.
Quick and Easy Session Uploads: Leveraging iRacing’s API, we provide fast and reliable access to every race session your league holds, past and future.
iRacing Service API Access: With integrated access to iRacing's API, 5150 Leagues seamlessly imports all relevant data from iRacing, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for your league.
Discord Integration/API Access: With Discord integration, you’ll get real-time embeds sent to your league’s Discord server. Receive results, incident reports, race protests, and driver attendance forms in dedicated channels via webhooks.

We’re here to stay. Our commitment is to provide a stable, high-quality platform for racing leagues without the uncertainty of free services. Join 5150 Leagues and build your league’s confidence up. No bullshit, just solid community and league management.

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5150 Leagues


Empowering leagues with streamlined management solutions.

Below are our Top Features

Race Data Collection

Our direct access to iRacing's API allows us to deliver fast and accurate race results just seconds after the race concludes. Say goodbye to long waits for results to be posted and enjoy immediate insights into your race performance.

  • Instant Results: Receive race outcomes immediately after the finish.
  • Comprehensive Data: Access detailed information including driver ID, names, numbers, starting and finishing positions, lap times, session events, and race incidents.
  • Enhanced Analysis: Utilize extensive race data for deeper performance analysis and strategic planning.

Race Incident/Protest Report Embed

When drivers need to bring an on-track issue to the league admins' attention, they can easily file a Race Incident Report or Race Protest Report. These reports, detailing their concerns, are automatically sent to your designated channel in the league's Discord server for prompt review.

  • Quick Reporting: Drivers can instantly file reports for any on-track issues, available 15 minutes after the race session ends.
  • Direct Communication: Reports are sent directly to a specified Discord channel for immediate attention.
  • Efficient Resolution: Facilitates swift action and resolution by league admins.

Admin Panel

5150 Leagues provides you with access to your own comprehensive League Dashboard. This powerful tool allows you to monitor and manage every aspect of your league effortlessly. With full visibility into all your league's data, nothing is hidden from you or your members. league applications, memberships, race participation, and more with ease. Additionally, you can manage on-track race incidents directly from the Session Event Logs. Stay tuned for more exciting features coming soon to the Dashboard.

  • Complete Control: Monitor and manage all league activities with full data access.
  • Transparency: Keep track of every member, application, and race participation.
  • Incident Management: Delete on-track race incidents directly from the Session Event Logs..

Driver Records

At 5150 Leagues, we prioritize clean racing and good sportsmanship. Our system provides you with the tools to maintain comprehensive records of your drivers. If any incidents occur on track, you can easily access their records to check for any history of misconduct. If a driver has no prior history, you can create a new record. Before submitting a record, you have the option to choose "Report Privacy: League or Global."

  • League Privacy: The report stays within your league, giving the driver a chance to improve.
  • Global Privacy: The report is shared with a global database, making it visible to every league the driver is part of or applies to, promoting community-wide cleanliness and safety.

Additionally, 5150 Admins may review these reports and take necessary actions to uphold the standards of our racing community.
While 5150 Leagues DOES NOT interfere with league operations or issue race penalties, we ensure the integrity of our platform by imposing site lockouts or league penalties if necessary.

  • Comprehensive Tracking: Maintain detailed records of driver behavior and incidents.
  • Privacy Options: Choose between league-specific or global visibility for reports.
  • Platform Integrity: 5150 Leagues enforces site-wide rules, ensuring a safe and fair community.
5150 Leagues


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Free Membership

$0 / month

  • 1 League
  • 1 Series
  • Unlimited Season's & Races
  • Access to Race Incidents/Protest Reports
  • Access to Driver Reports
  • Access to Discord Webhooks
  • More..
** Per Member **
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Silver Membership

$15 / month

  • 2 League's
  • 4 Series
  • Unlimited Season's & Races
  • Access to Race Incidents/Protest Reports
  • Access to Driver Reports
  • Access to Discord Webhooks
  • More..
** Per Member **
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Gold Membership

$20 / month

  • 4 League's
  • Unlimited Series
  • Unlimited Season's & Races
  • Access to Race Incidents/Protest Reports
  • Access to Driver Reports
  • Access to Discord Webhooks
  • More..
** Per Member **
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Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

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5150 Leagues

Frequently Asked Questions

When I delete my account, will all my race data be removed too?

While we hope you never want to leave 5150, we respect your right to do so. Account deletions are possible, but please note that race data is public knowledge on the iRacing Service and is therefore permanent. Deleting your account only removes it from our database; your race data remains to ensure we provide the most accurate data from iRacing.

If I buy a subscription, can I get a refund?

We get it—money doesn't grow on trees. While we never wanted to charge for subscriptions, the reality is that everything costs money. If you decide to leave our service, we still retain your race data, which incurs ongoing costs. Hence, refunds aren't typically available unless deemed necessary by the owner of 5150.

What should I do if I encounter an error while uploading race results?

If you hit a snag while uploading results, our error system should notify our staff via Discord. It takes a screenshot of your browser displaying the error message and sends it to our support team. Support staff will then reach out with next steps. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

I have a custom point/standing system. Can I have that implemented?

5150 thrives on league member suggestions. While we love hearing new ideas, we can't implement every single one. Some suggestions will make the cut, and others won't. Keep them coming, and let's see what sticks!

How do I get my league featured?

First, you'll need to create a league. After that, you'll find the "Apply League to be Featured" button on the home page or within your league settings. Once applied and paid for, our 5150 staff will review your application. There's a $5 application/processing fee plus $5 per month per league to be featured on the front page.

Is there anything else other than data and race results?

Absolutely! We're planning to launch a community forum soon. Additionally, we'll be setting up milestones and achievements for both leagues and personal accounts to give you something extra to strive for. Stay tuned for more fun and features!